I would vote YES in parliament for a referendum to go ahead on Europe, so ever one in this country could have his say on this matter and than vote on it. When we joined the European Common Market, it was for closer trade links and not as now an E.U. which want to become a super state. It is time for a vote on this.


I am against this going ahead and would vote NO so it would not be built, to spend this amount of money at this time of government deep cut backs is not the right thing to do, 50bn pounds is a lot to spend as we do not know the price of a ticket to travel on this train and also how much of a subsidy we would have to spend on it to run the line.This needs a free vote in parliament by all M.P's to see if we need to spend this money at this time.


Banks got it wrong in a big way; guess who paid for it as usual the small saved. The banker than get big bonuses where we just get low interest rates. So as usual them at the bottom pay for the mistake and them at the top just get riches. It’s about time them at the top as well pay for the mistake they have made also.

One way is in a pay cut for bankers or no bonuses to be pay out till the interest rates gets higher for the small saved.