I am in favour of a free vote for all M.P’s in Parliament on the human right act. I would vote YES to abolish this law, as a country we do not need this in law. With this law we can not stop illegal and dangerous people staying in this country, to put our citizen at risk and that is not right.


We can not stop migrates from other E.U. countries coming in and working as we are part of the E.U. at this time, but we can stop them from have any benefits right away. They would need to work here for two years before they could claim benefits and only give them child benefit at the rate they would get in they own country.

But we can stop give illegal immigrants and refugee any benefits as soon as they come here and we need to put them in transit camps while we check there details. Than only give them one chance of staying in this country and if they are passed to stay in this country, we only give them 6 months of benefits this is time for them to adjust to this country and than they will need to work at less 5 years before they can claim benefits again, if they can not do this let them go back to there own countries and do better. As for the rest of the illegal immigrants who are not passed to stay in this country we send back to there own countries. This may cost us money to do this but in the long run it will cost us a lot less. As for the ones that stay in this country they can take a citizenship test in 10 years time and if they pass will become a full U.K. citizen some thing to be proud of. This is one way of doing it but there is all so other way of doing this as well and we need to find the best way forward sooner rather than later.