I am in favour of NO cuts to be made in the NHS, but I am in favour of the money to be managed better than it is at this time. All departments working together in the health service and not as they are doing now one department not talking to the other one and also one department not getting money until they are in the news.

Privatisation is not the way forward, as is being done in the services to our elderly and end of life care, to make a profit out of this is wrong.

I am in favour of NO private company making a profit out of the NHS, because this is not right.

 As election time comes around the NHS football will come out to be played with by all the main parties as usual.


The policy on policing is wrong because we need more policemen on the beat and in the local community, and not less as the cut back are doing. This is a worry because they are saying crime figures are coming down, not sure if they are, but are all the crimes being reported as they should. So we need to spend more money on policing, and put more policemen on the beat in the local community so people can feel safe in their homes. I would vote NO to any more cuts on policing. 

 Fire Service,

I am in favour NO cuts to the Fire Service, but if small cuts can be made in the Fire Service as long as it make it a better service, manage right from the top to the bottom. I am not in favour of cuts going to deep so that the service can not do its job right and could possibly put the local community in danger with out the right cover to fight fires.                       

 I would vote NO to any cuts going to deep in this service.


I am in favour of only give benefits to U.K. citizens, we may need to change the law about this, but it would save money and also stop E.U. migrates coming here just for the benefits and not for work. All so may stop illegal immigrants coming here just for the benefits.

I would vote YES to abolish the bedroom tax, this is worse than the poll tax was needs to be voted out by all.

I am in favour of a cap being put on benefits, so you can earn more working than if you were on benefits, one way this could be worked out is by how many years you have works, before you need benefits, the longing you have works the higher the benefit cap. Whichever way you do it earnings must be higher than if you were on benefits.