My name is John Millward and i am standing as an Independent Candidate in the constituency of Stoke-on-Trent North and Kidsgrove in this coming general election on May 7th.

 I was born in the Tunstall area of this city and i still live in the local area, a city of 6 towns and a unique city to be proud of.

 One of the reasons i am standing for this election, is that i am one of the silent majority and i feel that a breath of fresh air is needed in this local area. A time for a change. A time for a local potteries person to take a seat in parliament. A time for someone with different views to sit in parliament. As election time comes around, we hear from the main parties go on about investment and how much they are going to spend on this and that, but they are not going to tell us how they are going to pay for it, until after the election. Whichever way it is, some one will have to pay for it from the bottom up.  As an independent candidates and having grown up in the area, i feel i can do more for this local area of this city and the area of Kidsgrove, than the main parties can do, because i would not have to follow party politics as the other parties do and this mean i can spend more time on matters that affect the local areas of this constituency. One of the best ways to do this is to hold monthly surgeries with in different local areas of the constituency, so i than know watt matters affect your area and how to help you with them, and also do my best to attract more investment for businesses into the local areas.